When I was in school, I used to memorize all topics of a subject except mathematics.

Then in exams, write what I memorized.

I had no concept of learning till I reached college.

In college, the subjects were new.
One of which was mechanical.

I really liked it, as there was practicality in each topic. Plus there were a lot of diagrams. Which helped in understanding in detail.

If I could see the diagram, I could write about it and pour all the knowledge.

Memorization is not wrong.

It’s just, you need it for getting your facts straight.

Conceptual knowledge doesn’t require memorization.


I can’t think of any one, whom I want to give homage to.

There are heroes who go unnoticed or are not talked about much.

And, there are people who struggle with life. On a daily basis in one way or another.

Most common enemies being depression, anxiety resulting in abuse of their bodies with alcohol and lethal drugs.

But they can’t see through their mess and that can be chronic.

I have been there. Sometimes, the dark cloud starts hovering above.

I guess getting yourself to work helps.

Yes. It is difficult.

Once you see through your kaleidoscopic vision [zooming in and out] of the situation. You get perspective.

If there’s anything to share.
I can listen/read.

I pay homage to you.